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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blog places, book sites, place to get use book

I just started to blog. There is so much sites to go on to that I never knew was out there .. So I am writing this blog to share some sites I found helpful and fun to go on.. I will also share the two book store on the big island that I love to shop for use books. Now that they have shut down Borders Book Store in hilo where you could go get new book or just hang out and read and have some thing to eat or drink... 

      Websites for blogging :
     *www. Make ( has photo blog )

  Websites for book readers & bloggers : 
* book blogs
* book sneeze 
* watt pad 
* I books 
* kindle 
* ( you can get free books.)
* Pinterest 

 The 2 book stores I love to shop at for use books : 

  Hilo Bay Books                       Open daily 10am / 6 pm
829-a Leilani street.                  Phone: (808) 935-9234
Hilo hawaii 96720           
                                                 Facebook & Pinterest 

BigIsland Book Buyers                      Downtown hilo (808) 315-5335
                                                         Downtown pahoa (808) 854-6681

Down town hilo  & downtown pahoa 

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