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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vampire Academy Series. By: Michelle Rowen.

    There are 6 books to this Bestselling Series of the Vampire Academy. 
    Book 1: Vampire Academy 
    Book 2 : Frostbite 
    Book 3: Shadow Kiss
    Book 4: Blood Promise 
    Book 5: Spirit Bound  
    Book 6: Last Sacrifice 
 You can go to
There is also a mobile app called ( Richelle Mead ) This app gives you a run down of each Character . What their elements are , If they are a Morio ,Dhampir or a Strigoi.. You also can find out the Characters connection with each other. You can read about The Authour.

I have read the first two books. When I picked up this series I went on to YouTube  and watch reviews on the series there we both good & bad  reviews on the series. So I was unsure I was going to like this series??? One night I pick up the first book ( Vampire Academy ) and started to read it. With in the first few pages I was hooked.  Vampire academy set the stage for the series. 

Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess: a mortal vampire with a rare gift for harnessing the earth magic. She must be protected at all times from the Strigoi ; the fiercest vampires- the ones who never die. The  powerful blend of human and vampire blood that flows through Rose Hathaway , Lissa's best friend, makes her a Dhampir . Rose is dedicated to a dangerous life of protecting Lissa's from the Strigoi , who are hell-bent on making Lissa one of them.

After two years of freedom, Rose and Lissa are caught and dragged back to St. Vladimir's Academy.a school for vampire royalty and their guardians to be. Hidden in the deep forests of montana. But inside the iron gates , life is even more fraught with danger ...and the Strigoi are always close by. Rose and Lissa must navigate their dangerous world, confront the temptations of forbidden love, and never once let their guard down, lest the evil undead make Lissa one of them forever.

When you first read this book you are going to think Rose is a bitch ( LOL ) . I thought she was but the more I kept on reading she grow on me, but I still found my self thinking why did you say that Rose ,she was the out spoken character. She had a special bound with Lissa which I found a cool thing. Lissa seem more of the quit type . There are parts in the book that throw me off of what I was expecting .. But I like Richelle Mead take on a vampire series .. She gives you 3 different types of vampires, and their powers and they all play a roll in fighting off the Strigoi.. 

So I hope you like my fist review on the Vampire Academy  Series. Book one.  I'm new to the blogging world so if you have any tips for me to better my blog I welcome all comments & help.. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. 

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