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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OBAKE ( Ghost stories in HAWAI'I )

                                            OBAKE ( ghost stories in hawai'i ) By: Glen Grant 

In hawai'i  these ghost tales are captured in one word obake. In Japan an obake is divined as a strange frightening creature. In the island the word is familiar to residents of all cultural backgrounds as a "supernatural " entity who gives you chickenskin. Blending Polynesian ,Asian , American ,and  European traditions. The. Obake of modern Hawai'i embody a fascinating collection of supernatural belief and lore that much alive.

OBAKE : ghost stories in hawai'i are some of hawai'i tales as shared by storyteller, historian and folklorist .based in true stories from islanders of all backgrounds, the supernatural encounters reported in this collection first appeared annually beginning in 1983 in The Hawai'i Herald, a newspaper for Hawai'i Japanese American . For those who do not care to believe that the dead walks these tales can be enjoyed as fiction . For those who do believe in ghost or are searching for an answer these stories provide a glimpse into the dark realm of mystery.

  This book gave me chicken skin.. I read it at night when my house was quit I was the only one up and after the first chapter I need to keep reading. I'm from hawaii so the places they talk about I knew of or heared of . So the stories pulled me in ,and I thought I was hearing noises  ( LOL ) .. This book is a good camp fire book . When u go camping and every one is telling ghost stories . After reading this book you will have a lot of stories to tell to give everyone chicken skin..  If you are not from hawai'i this a good book to read about our folklor. 

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